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We encourage our membership to read broadly, both inside and outside of the Afrikan experience, our ideology comes out of our culture – Afrikan culture.

Our ideological base includes the revolutionary politics of: Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X, Claudia Jones, Amilcar Cabral, Walter Rodney, Franz Fanon, WEB Du Bois, the collective experiences of the Black Panther Party and the collective experiences of our ancestors of the Haitian Revolution and uprisings against enslavement. Revolutionary continental struggles in Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola; the Grenadian revolution and Afrikan uprisings in the UK are also incorporated

The books below are recommended readings for members and can be purchased online.

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Pan-Afrikanism, Material Based Concepts

“Pan-Afrikanism: Material Based Concepts” applies materialist philosophical tools to raise understanding of key Pan-Afrikan concepts such as history, culture, identity and the role of women in Afrika’s liberation. Methodologically, Pan-Afrikanists use historical facts rather than imagination as basis for developing theory. “Pan-Afrikanism: Material Based Concepts” supplements this, working from nature as material base to interpret those historical facts for clearer understanding of Afrikan people’s problems and improved strategising.

Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront: Afrikan Freedom Means Defeating Neo-Colonialism:

When we (Afrikan people) were oppressed under slavery and colonialism our ancestors knew it; they knew that they had to remove these oppressive systems in order to be free. Now we live in the neo-colonial phase of Afrika’s history and most of us don’t know what it is. If we don’t know it, we can’t understand it; if we can’t understand it, we can’t consciously do anything to challenge it; if we can’t challenge it, we can’t get rid of it; if we can’t get rid of it, we will remain stuck in it; if we remain stuck in neo-colonialism, Afrika can’t be liberated and we won’t be a free and self determining people. The critical task before us therefore, is to raise our collective consciousness of neo-colonialism and how to defeat it in Afrikan communities everywhere.

Pan-Afrikanism, from Programme to Philosophy. An outlook on Liberation.

This book explains the philosophy, ideology, politics and top level economics that drive Afrika towards its objective - Pan-Afrikanism. Pan-Afrikanism is the unification and liberation of Afrika under a just social system. That social system is scientific socialism. It is a book which ideally should be studied collectively in groups, where those groups are genuinely committed to the liberation of Afrika.

Strategically Selected Quotes from Marcus Garvey

“Strategically selected quotes from Marcus Garvey” is intended as a handbook for members of Pan-Afrikan organisations, other activists and students to assist them in the speedy assimilation of Garvey's key strategic ideas. Beyond that it is hoped that it will also contribute by performing a similar role in the wider Afrikan community and among friends and supporters of the wider Afrikan liberation struggle, popularising his ideas in the process. It is also a very useful quick reference tool for those familiar with the ideas, strategy and tactics of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

Drug Economy Attack

on Afrikan Youth

“Drug economy attack on Afrikan youth: We fight back!” uncovers a world where state agencies including bankers and police, manage Britain’s dirty money and drug economy hand in hand with Afrikan and other pushers as fronts. This results in the criminalisation of targeted Afrikan youths contained in internal colonies … It was no surprise when undercover police agents raped and murdered whilst ‘on duty’ in Britain. Police mercenaries’ murderous activities are the root source of spiralling gun and knife crime in targeted Afrikan communities. It clarifies Malcolm X’s use of the phrase ‘by any means necessary’. Criminals posing as freedom fighters abuse the phrase, misleadingly suggesting he supported smuggling drugs to fund ‘Afrikan liberation’. This is a lie. His opposition to the drug economy was uncompromising.

Some social commentators even suggest he was assassinated by ‘the mob’ because of it.

Afrikan People Abolished the “Slave Trade”.

British imperialism owes each and every Afrikan person in the world a whopping £615,598,559 Billion first instalment i.e. £615,598,559,000,000,000 i.e. seven hundred and fifty seven million, six hundred and fifty nine thousand and six hundred and ninety five billion pounds - each. The premises/assumptions, formula and calculations are openly stated in “Afrikan People Abolished the ‘Slave Trade’”. By combining economic, political and military analysis on the geographical plane, “Afrikan People Abolished the ‘Slave Trade’” introduces the new Abolition Matrix tool, which revolutionises the readers ability to accurately and properly analyse and assess the impact of forces leading to the defeat of slavery.

The Beautiful Black Afrikan People went for a walk.

It may come as a deep shock to some but allowing for a little artistic licence, “The Beautiful Black Afrikan People Went for a Walk” is a truthful history of humanity made simple. The impact of the ice age on the human family has, for some time, been theorised by anthropologists and related academics. It is widely recognised as instrumental in the diversification of humanity. It corrects a plethora of racist distortions, the sum total of which result in Afrikan people being place as a sub-ordinate grouping outside the human family. By identifying Afrikan people as the first inhabitants of all parts of the world and the source from which all other branches are descended, it places them in their correct historical and geographical position as the mothers and fathers of humanity

Conceptions & Misconceptions of Garvey & Garveyism.

Due for publication in late 2021

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