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The Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum is committed to a programme of continuous learning aimed at equipping Afrikan People with the skills, knowledge and aptitude necessary for unity, liberation and self-determination.

Accordingly we provide classes and learning environments aimed at enhancing our collective understanding of our history, current circumstances and strategies necessary for a prosperous future.

We aim to help produce Afrikan People who draw from the vast well of Afrikan history, learn from it and act on their learning in the present.

Similarly, we want to produce visionaries able to identify a future where our people are successful and prosperous, equipped to develop plans that will guide us towards that future, acted on in the present.

Brother Omowale - THE DRUM HEALER - provides a range of services, both directly and via UKOMBOZII ANCESTRAL DRUMS, which he coordinates as a sub-group of the PASCF.

Our Events.

Drum Healing Special

As part of International Women’s Month we are celebrating the greatest ‘Hero’ of the Haitian Revolution - a woman

We will be revealing her name and story at the following Drum Healing Sessions:

24th March at 7pm - Chestnut Community Centre, 280 St Ann’s Road, London N15 5BN

27th March at 1pm - Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA

Entry Price: Members £3/ Non-members £6

Please remember to bring your drum or percussion instrument if you have one

Drum Healing

Every Sunday 1pm ,

Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA

Though we have few spares, please bring a drum or a shaker

Members £3, non-members £6

Ukombozii Ancestral Drums is a sub-group of the Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)

Ukombozii Ancestral Drums Group Therapy Session in association with The Good Brother Foundation.

Time: 19:30

Day: Thursdays

Price: £3 (Members), £6 (non-members)

The fees help us to keep the therapy group going

Address: 280 St Ann’s Road, London N15 5BN

Please bring a drum or shaker and water for your own consumption as shops are quite far!!

Ukombozii Ancestral Drums - a sub-group of the Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)

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Marcus Garvey stayed in England on 4 separate occasions: (i) 1912-1914; (ii) 1928; (iii) 1931; (iv) 1935-1940. He’s known to have lived in what are now Southwark, Hackney, Lambeth and Hammersmith& Fulham.

Born in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica on 17th August 1887, he went on to create the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) - the largest international Afrikan organisation of the 20th century. Speaking in the Albert Hall on 6th June 1928 he informed had 11 million members.

On 15th August 2021, two days before his 134th birthday Ukombozii Ancestral Drums and friends will gather at Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park - where he often spoke - to pay tribute through our Marcus Garvey Birthday Drum Salute.

Please join us as we honour our great ancestor. Please bring a drum or percussion instrument and folding chair.

Education Drum Classes

Many of us admire drums and drummers. We would like to play, but have never been exposed to a safe environment where we can learn without fear of embarrassment.

Ukombozii Ancestral Drums offers a fun filled safe space for people new to drumming to learn.

The emphasis is on participants learning in a comfortable environment where the pleasure of drumming underpins the ethos of the group. Just as when we were children, we learnt best whilst we played and had fun. Through fun filled sessions we hope to help you assimilate and learn better.

This service is particularly aimed at people new to drumming, but will also be a healthy learning/drumming environment for intermediate drummers.

Drum Healing Service.

There are many drums in the community with busted skins. They lay idle because their owners have no means of repair since the skills of drum healing are not widely known and the process of fixing labour intensive and expensive.

Through brother Omowale 'the Drum Healer', there is a solution through his Djembe reskinning service.

To meet Ukombozii Ancestral Drums' objective of gathering 10,000 drummers in honour of our ancestors (Ukombozii 10,000 project) and building it's membership, he is healing/reskinning drums at a fraction of the usual price.

If you want to be part of Ukombozii Ancestral Drums and Ukombozii 10,000 drums project objective, this service is tailor-made for you.

Drum Healing Therapy Groups

Playing/listening to drums can bring so much pleasure and joy into our lives. Yet the drum is capable of bringing so much more.

Where there is a deficit of joy, drums can bring it in abundance, rebalancing situations dominated by sadness. This is just one of the ways in which the healing capacity of drums can positively impact our lives.

Drums are also symbolic of the heart of Afrikan culture, making paying them a means by which socially and economically marginalised Afrikan People can positively reconnect with part of the essence of what it is to be Afrikan.

Afrikan people's experience of externally imposed slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism has fostered a situation where Afrika is at a low point in its history. This in turn has fuelled a situation where many Afrikan People have dissociated from their Afrikanness.

The resulting alienation has led to a level of identity 'confusion', even identity 'rejection' and self-hatred amongst Afrikan People which far surpasses this calibre of problem among other racial groups.

Ukombozii Ancestral Drums offers Drum Healing Therapy Groups aimed at helping participants (particularly Afrikan People) engage constructively with this and similar identity crises.

Therapeutic drumming in groups allows these positive benefits to be amplified as shared experiences that promote emotional wellbeing among participants, both individually and collectively.

The healing capacity and cultural association of the drum are deployed to help create a safe space where Afrikan People can explore identity issues in a non-threatening, fun filled environment that fosters positive associations with Afrikan identity and culture.

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