The Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF).

The Pan-Afrikan Society community Forum (PASCF) is a small revolutionary Pan-Africanist organisation with an African membership (both Continental and in the Diaspora).

The PASCF is based in London, was founded in 2007 and became a legally incorporated entity in 2012


The PASCF came into being as a student-led community response to the British State’s attempt in 2007 to misrepresent our ancestors' struggle against its system of slavery.

On 5th March 2007, a regular Southbank University Pan-Afrikan Student Society events planning meeting occurred. It was at this meeting that the name Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum was proposed, adopted and the PASCF founded. Its first formal meeting took place on 6th March 2007, the 50th anniversary of the independence of Ghana. This represented the launch of the PASCF.

The process of building the forum came out of the Southbank University student-led Pan-Afrikan Society (PAS) which had been operating on campus since October 2004.

Objectives and Aims.

At the PASCF, we seek to make our contribution to the unification and liberation of Afrika and Afrikan people under a just social system – Scientific Socialism.

The achievement of this objective is Afrikan people’s contribution to the worldwide revolutionary movement.

Within this context our aim is to equip Afrikan people locally and globally with the skills, knowledge and a common understanding of our history, present circumstances and purpose to help us achieve self-determination.

We recognise that in order to achieve this we must overcome the economic, political and social structures that subjugate Afrikan and other oppressed peoples in Britain where we are based and around the world.

Our Talks and Events

To achieve our goals we regularly organise events, talks and workshops to train and teach on Pan-Afrikanism and Scientific Socialism. Register for our events.

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